About ReproServer

As research has become increasingly reliant on digital tools, the challenges in reproducibility have become more poignant. Releasing code and data are key to open research, but not necessarily enough for reproducibility. There are dependencies that aren't easily captured, and effect the reproducibility of research. In response to these challenges, we created ReproZip, an open source tool (see GitHub repo) that bundles everything necessary to reproduce your work -- down to the operating system level!

ReproZip allows you to automatically pack your research along with all the necessary data files, libraries, environment variables, and options. Then anybody can reproduce the research on a different machine, without tracking down and installing the dependencies. While these packages (.rpz files) are small and easy to share, it does require that the person unpacking the ReproZip file install extra software -- ReproUnzip, and one Vagrant or Docker. You can read more about standalone ReproZip and ReproUnzip in our documentation.

In an effort to lower the barrier to sharing reproducible work, we've developed the ReproServer. This application, still a work in progress, enables you to reproduce ReproZip packages from your web browser, without having to install ReproUnzip on your computer!

Getting Started

Select your own .rpz file, or try using one of the examples from the ReproZip-Examples repository, and click the "Upload" button!

From there, you can set parameters and (optionally) upload your own inputs, and then reproduce the work by clicking the "Run" button. You can then see the log and output files from the research, which you can view or download to your machine. You can also share the link for other people to reproduce your research.

The Team

The ReproServer project is run by the ReproZip team from New York University.