Package digits_sklearn_opencv.rpz

reprounzip -v docker setup --image-name registry:5000/rpuz_exp_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f /tmp/tmp674rg4hqbuild_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f/experiment.rpz /tmp/tmp674rg4hqbuild_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f/build_dir
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:16.614 INFO: Download parameters.json: downloading
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:16.632 INFO: Downloaded parameters.json successfully
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:16.633 INFO: Using base image ubuntu:14.04
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:17.534 INFO: Writing /tmp/tmp674rg4hqbuild_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f/build_dir/Dockerfile...
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:17.724 INFO: Download busybox-x86_64: downloading
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:17.826 INFO: Downloaded busybox-x86_64 successfully
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:18.213 INFO: Download rpzsudo-x86_64: downloading
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:18.279 INFO: Downloaded rpzsudo-x86_64 successfully
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:18.284 INFO: Generating file list...
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:21.675 INFO: Writing /tmp/tmp674rg4hqbuild_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f/build_dir/
[REPROUNZIP] 10:38:21.685 INFO: Calling 'docker build'...
Sending build context to Docker daemon  87.08MB
Step 1/8 : FROM ubuntu:14.04
14.04: Pulling from library/ubuntu
a7344f52cb74: Pulling fs layer
515c9bb51536: Pulling fs layer
e1eabe0537eb: Pulling fs layer
4701f1215c13: Pulling fs layer
4701f1215c13: Waiting
515c9bb51536: Verifying Checksum
515c9bb51536: Download complete
e1eabe0537eb: Verifying Checksum
e1eabe0537eb: Download complete
4701f1215c13: Verifying Checksum
4701f1215c13: Download complete
a7344f52cb74: Verifying Checksum
a7344f52cb74: Download complete
a7344f52cb74: Pull complete
515c9bb51536: Pull complete
e1eabe0537eb: Pull complete
4701f1215c13: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:2f7c79927b346e436cc14c92bd4e5bd778c3bd7037f35bc639ac1589a7acfa90
Status: Downloaded newer image for ubuntu:14.04
 ---> 2c5e00d77a67
Step 2/8 : COPY busybox /busybox
 ---> c218ebbd81c1
Step 3/8 : COPY rpzsudo /rpzsudo
 ---> baa8c2ba68e8
Step 4/8 : COPY data.tgz /reprozip_data.tgz
 ---> ef95855ef185
Step 5/8 : COPY rpz-files.list /rpz-files.list
 ---> 4fb7d18a8a07
 ---> Running in 2cd070b7352f
Step 6/8 : RUN     chmod +x /busybox /rpzsudo &&     cd / && (tar zpxf /reprozip_data.tgz -U --recursive-unlink --numeric-owner --strip=1 --null -T /rpz-files.list || /busybox echo "TAR reports errors, this might or might not prevent the execution to run")
tar: etc: Cannot unlink: Device or resource busy
TAR reports errors, this might or might not prevent the execution to run
 ---> 2647e958c9ab
 ---> cff5b024654f
 ---> Running in 23c8ad191a5e
 ---> f6bca5c35bbf
Successfully tagged registry:5000/rpuz_exp_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f:latest
Build successful
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
Removing intermediate container 2cd070b7352f
Step 7/8 : COPY /
Step 8/8 : ENTRYPOINT ["/busybox", "sh", "/"]
Removing intermediate container 23c8ad191a5e
Successfully built f6bca5c35bbf
[REPROUNZIP] 10:39:05.820 INFO: Initial image created: registry:5000/rpuz_exp_b1e2a821810fc927ed621d8441ebd65d6316a3f4477929d5565f2f2523e1344f

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