Web Capture

Use this page to capture the remote assets that are referenced by your application (CSS, JS, etc). This will allow it to keep working correctly in web browsers if those remote sources go away.

After completing this process, you will be able to download a new RPZ file with an embedded WACZ archive.

Input RPZ File:

bash-count.rpz, 1.7 MB

Edit parameters for web capture

Enter the port number that the web server listens on.
Optional. If the server expects to be reached at a specific address, you can enter it here. This is useful to circumvent security features or specific setups where the website will only work if we seem to be reaching it from a specific address. It doesn't change the port that we are actually using, which is selected above.

Manual capture

You will see the app running, browse the site to interactively capture pages.

Automated capture

ReproZip-Web will attempt to capture everything by crawling the site.

Upload existing file

If you have a WACZ file ready, use this option to upload it.

After the capture is complete, you will be redirected to this page. From there, get a preview of the replayed app, or download the new RPZ file (with the WACZ file in it).